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Everything About Us

We are using machine learning to develop object detection algorithms that can be used for navigation, such as an algorithm to detect and localize traffic lights. These algorithms are implemented into our wearable device that helps blind people navigate through haptic feedback.

Our passion is to design and engineer devices through bold innovation to create a meaningful impact in the world. Check out what we do

Object Detection

With the goal to provide aid to the visually impaired, we have developed AI software capable of recognising the state and positioning of pedestrian traffic lights in images.

Machine Learning

Using industry leading platforms such as TensorFlow alongside industry leading methods such as Transfer Learning, we use our proprietary dataset to create the best models possible.

Real Time Analysis

Using a video feed from a camera, our optimised programs can run in real time providing instant feedback and visual analysis to the user.


We engineer physical wearables to take advantage of our advanced software in practical and usable implementations.

Major Problem
Great Solution
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Lines of Code
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Our Great Journey

We are developing the best solution to assist the visually impaired with being more independent in their daily navigation.



We first began contemplating how AI could be used to positively impact the world. We soon started exploring the idea of using computer vision to assist the blind in daily navigation, specifically with crossing the street.



After planning out our ideas we began development. First, we collected our data set to be used in the training process. We then went through many training iterations, configurations, and approaches until developing a highly effective model. Once we had working software, we began engineering of our wearable. This phase involved rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and testing of different designs.



We are continuing to test the practicality of our designs and software while continuously improving the prototypes.


Looking Forward

We will be continuing our research, development, and testing process with the goal of finalizing a product for release as soon as possible.

What is Our Mission?

At NavAssistAi our mission statement describes our vision for the future and guides all of our work and effort.


“Disruptive technologies like AI and computer vision are emerging and developing faster than people are taking advantage of them. It is our mission to use these technologies to create a world with stronger equality where people no longer have to feel limited by any visual impairment.”

Our Team

NavAssistAi is made up of a small but growing dedicated team working on making a big impact. If you’re interested in joining, please reach out.

Mikhail Szugalew

I’m passionate about using my technology, engineering, and programming abilities to make a positive difference in the world.


Aidan Farrow

It is my life goal to find a new way of helping people with technology. I believe that through this innovation and with the work that this team is doing we might just be able to do exactly that.

What We’re Developing

Take a sneak peek into some of what we’ve been doing

Software Training

Training algorithms on our proprietary datasets

Software Testing

Testing and evaluating the performance of our object detection programs

Electrical Engineering

Developing the circuitry for our wearable devices

Prototyping 1

Developing a proof of concept design to demonstrate the functionality of the system


Communicating with partners in the blind community to improve the design and create a truly impactful product

Prototyping 2

Working on reducing the physical wearable into a more compact and effective design

Looking Ahead –Minimal Viable Product

We’re currently working on our minimal viable product. Based on user feedback we’ve dedicated our efforts to a completely rethought wearable design that is no longer head mounted. The new lanyard like design will allow for more practical and effective use through its simplicity and reliability.

Contact Details

If you’d like to connect feel free to use these contact details. We’d love to hear from you!

Ontario, Canada.

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